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We, all of us, at MUONGLAO.COM have created this web site for a reason of promoting our beloved country - Laos.

We also encourage businesses to advertise their products or services through MUONGLAO.COM and take advantage of the unique Lao identity with the web site. For further information regarding advertising at MUONGLAO.COM, please email to webmaster, or you can contact us here.

As Laos is a peaceful, beautiful and full of charm with its own unique style of living, we would like to invite you to visit Laos and we ensure that you will have the best experience that you will never find elsewhere.

as Laos has a lot of unspoiled natural places and culture, we would like to give you a food of thought which is 'Dont destroy where you come to enjoy'. We hope you would have a good time in Laos and see you soon.











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