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There are a few things that you need to know and seriously take into account prior to your visit to Laos. This will make your travel experience much more enjoyable and you will have to best time of your life in Laos.

Visa Matters
Visitors traveling to Laos for the purpose of tourism need a visa. An easy way is to book a tour to Laos with an authorized travel agency abroad who has a formal contact with one of local tour operators. This agency will provide you with the necessary form, enabling you to apply for the visa at your nearest Laos embassy or consulate or you can make contact directly with local tour operators.

If you book a tour to Laos and you are resident of a country that dose not have a Laos embassy or in case of urgency, you can obtain the visa upon arrival only Vattay airport and Friendship Bridge which both are the international border checkpoint in Vientiane. To do so you will need to meet at least some of the following conditions:
- Pay a fee
- Have a return air ticket or a valid visa from a third country.
- Have a confirmation of Hotel in Laos PDR.
- Certificate of a bank statement or a life insurance

Custom - Antique items for example Buddha images and other old artifacts are prohibited to be taken out of Laos. If you have already traveled from neighboring countries, you are advised to declare you belongings to the customs to avoid any problems when leaving Laos.

Health - There are no requirements for immunization before entering Laos. Like other tropical countries, Malaria is a problem in Laos. It is a good idea to prepare some kind of mosquito repellant so that you can use it especially at night.

Dos & Donts
How respect and use your head; Eyes and common sense will guide you well in navigating Laos's culture safely. When in Laos, try and do as the Laos do and remember: don't touch heads, don't lose cool with people, and don't flash your flesh. The rest about manners: Shoes left outside, accepting host's greeting; not upsetting religious feeling. The Laos are friendly and hospitable. A minimum of effort will make your trip smooth and memorable.

Getting Around
The most convenient way of travelling from a province to another is by air with Lao Aviation. It has daily flights from Vientiane to almost all of the cities in Laos. There are also regular buses linking cities in the north to the south. However, some parts of the road are still under construction, this makes it difficult especially when travelling in rainny season.

For short trips within town tuk tuk (motorized tricycle) and taxi can be used. There are a number of places that you can rent bicycles so that you can cruise through the city at your convenience.

Seeing and Doing
When traveling in Laos, you should try to visit the important landmarks of the main cities around the country. For example, in Vientiane the landmark is Thatluang stupa, Patuxay, Budha Park..., Each place will give you different feelings from one another. See our highlights.

If you are in Laos at the same time of some religious ceremonies, take some times to see what people are doing. This will give you the best experience of Laos. Some ceremonies or festivals that you should not miss is Lao New Year, Boat Racing Festival, Thatluang Festival and other provincial festivals. See the Event Schedules here.




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